rraud wrote on 10/7/2020, 12:50 PM

Welcome to the Magix Sound Forge users forum @robert-cooper.

Please be more specific, which version of Sound Forge do you have? By voucher code, do you mean 'serial number' which you need to activate Sound Forge after installation. "Upgrading", is going to a new version.. 13 to 14 for instance. An update is free, typically to fix bugs and/or to add a new feature to the same version.

btw, this is a users forum and is not staffed by Magix employees so even the moderators do not have access to customer information. You may need to contact the Magix Customer Service Sales Team which handles sales and activation issues.

btw, double posting on the same subject is not allowed so your other post has been deleted.

SP. wrote on 10/7/2020, 12:51 PM

Hello! Please contact and send them all your Best Buy purchase information. I think they should be able to help you with this problem.

robert-cooper wrote on 10/7/2020, 1:07 PM

sound forge audio studio, and i meant original version,, and yes i mean no serial number to activate, ther supose to send it by email, has not recive anything,,,

rraud wrote on 10/7/2020, 1:18 PM

Did you check your spam and/or junk mail folders. Email from Magix and BB often end up in there.

Dariusz--Biaachowski wrote on 10/7/2020, 1:56 PM

chcę wypróbować wideo studio 17 trial mam problem z numerem ten który dostałem na e maila nie działa


johnebaker wrote on 10/7/2020, 3:50 PM



Please do not hijack another users topic, your issue is not for the same product as the OP and the product you want to try has its own forum here.

Nie przechwytuj innego tematu użytkowników, Twój problem nie dotyczy tego samego produktu co OP, a produkt, który chcesz wypróbować, ma tutaj własne forum.

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