New update for Samplitude Pro X8 and Pro X8 Suite available

ProAudioTeam wrote on 3/18/2024, 7:56 AM

A new update is available for Samplitude Pro X8 and Pro X8 Suite, which can be installed via the auto-update directly in Samplitude

IMPORTANT: Requires Windows 10 or 11.

Here is an overview of the changes:


Samplitude Pro X8 Suite 19.1.3 Build 23431

[SEQ-8411] New command "Reset program settings to default" in help menu, does the same as loading the default INZ container in start selection dialog or program settings

[SEQ-8333] Export naming templates: marker number placeholder now defaults to 2 digits again (using more digits only if total number of markers exceeds 99)

[SEQ-8339] MIDI SysEx is now activated automatically without message box when using HWC or MMC


[SEQ-8349] M4A/AAC Import: 'sample count zero' error after importing more than one file

[SEQ-8449] Range based copy including automation data created ramps

[SEQ-8452] Object plug-in browser always inserted in first slot, not after existing plug-ins

[SEQ-8440] Crash after editing automation curves 

[SEQ-8246] Track head mute/solo/record/lock states were not correctly displayed immediately after skin change 

[SEQ-8397] Problems with drag'n'drop on the last track when it was an empty folder

[SEQ-8341] Internal FX dialogs could not be brought in front when re-opening 

[SEQ-8363] VSTi: No 'project changed' state was set after inserting a VST instrument

[SEQ-8394] Possible crashes in AAF Export with option "Copy only the used audio material"

[SEQ-8466] MIDI Editor: Possible Crash when notes were selected and the controller editor window was too small

[SEQ-8381] Export dialog: Naming templates didn't work correctly with realtime export

[SEQ-6108] Problems after deleting and rewriting of an automation from internal plugin GUI

[SEQ-8332] Creating a new project with a new name from a template triggered the compatibility warning about saving older versions projects

[SEQ-6128] No update of selection marks in mixer after drag'n'drop of plug-ins

[SEQ-8472] SpectraLayers: crash during unfreeze fixed

[SEQ-8328] Export in multiple formats didn't work for multi-track export

[SEQ-8296] Some filename templates didn't work correctly for multi-track export

[SEQ-8320] Duplicate and copy of folder tracks didn't work correctly

[SEQ-8415] Possible wrong export file names if they contained '.' in object or project names

[SEQ-7911] Volume automation was modified when drawing in an empty lane


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