New Update! Sound Forge Audio Studio 15 KA3 (build 57)

craig-d wrote on 8/24/2021, 1:48 AM

Hello Sound Forge Fam!


Here are the patch notes for the new update to Sound Forge Audio Studio 15 KA3 (build 57):

  • MP3 file support - Removed need to activate MP3 Codec, which fixes import / export issues
  • Fixed some Encoding and Localization Issues
  • GUI Update Issues
    • Fixed a bug where the enabled/disabled status of toolbar items sometimes wasn't updated properly
    • Fixed a bug where some toolbar icons have been disabled after closing the Statistics window
    • Fixed a bug where the Waveform sometimes wasn't updated during playback or recording
  • Markers and Regions
    • Fixed a bug where Marker and Region names were not properly displayed in some contexts
    • 2 Markers can no longer have the same position
    • 2 Regions can no longer have the same startpoint and length
  • Remote Recording
    • Fixed some bugs where Shortcuts wouldn't work while Remote Recording/Remote Record window is focused
    • Pressing space while Remote Recording/Remote Record window is focused should now work as expected
    • Setting Markers with "m" while Remote Recording/Remote Record window is focused should now work as expected
    • Added tooltips to Remote Recording toolbar
    • Added Alt+R as a Shortcut for hiding/showing the Main Window
    • Added Ctrl+Alt+7 as a Shortcut for the Remote Recording Window
    • Improved readability of remote record status
  • Enabled the option "Spacebar and F12 Play/Pause instead of Play/Stop" by default. If you prefer the Play/Stop behavior open the Options->Preferences Dialog, select the "General" tab and disable the option


Thanks, enjoy, and we wish you all the best with your audio projects!


Spyda-Music-Productions wrote on 8/27/2021, 5:45 AM

Since update to Sound Forge Audio Studio 15.0 build 57 the character key lowercase 'm' will not enter into any text fields however uppercase 'M' does, please advise ?

craig-d wrote on 8/27/2021, 6:24 AM

Thank you for bringing that to our attention. I have made a bug report for our developers so that they can take care of this. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Also, I know it is a hassle, but you can copy and paste words with the lower-case m into text fields...I know that's not optimal, but at least you can work around it that way while the developers work on fixing it.


Mark-Perkins wrote on 9/9/2021, 9:50 PM

Hi, I have just upgraded from SF12 to 15.

I followed all the instructions it appears to be installed but I can't load it.


A flash screen comes up "Initializing Audio Engine"...

Then nothing. SF12 still loads and works fine.


Any suggestions please.




Lee-Hutchison wrote on 9/13/2021, 2:32 AM

Work flow is still hampered by the lower case "m" text issue. It immediately puts a marker in the data window. Thanks for working on this.

Product-Owner_OOO_ wrote on 9/15/2021, 7:51 AM

@Lee-Hutchison, @Spyda-Music-Productions This will be fixed in a soon to be released update (~2 weeks). We're very sorry for the inconvenience.

Spyda-Music-Productions wrote on 9/16/2021, 9:11 AM

Hi, I've found a work around for the 'm' problem. If you put Caps Lock ON then press Shift and 'm' it adds the correct small case 'm'. However, when Caps Lock is ON the uppercase 'M' doesn't register. All other letter keys work fine, so far. BUT, forget to take Caps Lock OFF at your peril & screaming frustration will follow lol ! Hope this gets sorted soon as I've another issue that's 'bugging' me, but I think it may be my own problem, not sure yet !?! Cheers, have a great weekend all. Clive.