No insert silence shortcut? Or batch insert silence in Convrt??

rachel wrote on 2/3/2018, 9:31 PM


The subject says it all really. I used SF on a PC for years in my last job. Now I'm a freelancer and work on a mac, I have SF for mac but it's missing these 2 pieces that would make my life a lot easier. Does anyone know why 'insert silence' isn't an option in the batch converter? Or why there is no shortcut option?
I edit a couple of a hundred files every day, and each file needs to be topped and tailed with 500ms of silence.
If anyone knows of a way that this can be done easisly, I'd really appreciate it! I keep thinking I must just not be seeing it in SF, that I'm somehow missing it... I know it definitley existed in the PC version...


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