No sound will record.

74Thirsty wrote on 1/10/2024, 11:52 PM

Okay, so I have had some experience with troubleshooting this exact issue on acid pro before but this time i cant see anything that indicates there is a issue other than the shit dont record nothin.

When I go into options>preferences>recording device set the audio device type to Windows classic wave driver. And the reason I choose that is because in control panel>hardware and sound>sound click the recording tab and you can find Internal microphone and something called stereo mix. These are the 2 devices I am using cause this is just a laptop with onboard sound and no **** aftermarket mic at all ok. Now stereo mix is if you wanted to record whatever the laptop (or any computer you are working on) is playing. This can be nifty if you wanted to like quickly record the audio from off a movie to edit or there is a million uses for this. The point is that this does not pick up any sound other that what the laptop is outputting. If I want my voice or to record anything outside of the laptop I would enable that internal mic setting. These 2 are independant of each other and when winclassic wave driver chosen, the drop down box below for the recording device matches those 2 from control panel. Whereas if i choose Microsoft Sound Mapper or Direct Sound Sound Mapper on top, then the bottom it says the same thing.

Dont matter because no matter what the hell i do it wont record nothing, what the hell guys? I can just use OBS real quick for this time but i need to figure this out


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