No Video received in Windows 7

nicholashawke wrote on 11/24/2013, 3:30 PM

I have bought Video easy Rescue Your Video Tapes 6 and installed on my Sony Viao running Window 7 64 bit.

The software appeared to install correctly. I connected the USB device and it also appeared to install correctly. However, I don't get any video input. The capture preview window receives audio, but the screen is blank. I have tried using both a VCR and Camcorder as sources. I am pretty sure the problem is with the USB drivers though.

From the capture preview window I click Advanced View and then Hardware and Drivers (as it suggests in the manual) but the driver window is empty. I have run the online software update, which also succeeded, but it has made no difference.

Some more info about my PC:

Windows 7 Ultimate service pack 1. 64 Bit operating system

i7 CPU, Dual processor, quad core Q740 @ 1.75GHz

Ram - 8GB

If anyone has solved a similar problem, I would really appreciate some help with this.




johnebaker wrote on 11/26/2013, 4:51 PM

Hi Nick

Just found your post!

Sounds like you may have a bad USB converter - can borrow another one - does not have to be the same make - to test the software and computer?

From PM conversation :

Hi John,

I really appreciate all you effort to help me with this. Unfortunately I am still nto able to get my system to recognise the video element of the USB device. I have tried  uninstalling all the drivers and then reinstalling each version in turn to try to get it to work, but each time I get exactly the same result.

No one has replied to the forum post, so I am assuming that this is not a common problem, although I don't understand why it is so complicated for me as I always do my best to make sure my PCs are as standard as possible - just so I don't have this kind of problem.

Such a shame.

Many thanks for your help.



There is a driver update here

You will need to login to get the download.

Select the RYVT USB Device and download the correct one for your device (Red/white) and install it.

Windows does report devices as working but does not always tell the truth!



    Thanks for all your help on this so far. The USB device I have does not have much to identify it by. It is the one that came with the Rescue You Video Tapes 6 product. It is is a small red device with MAGIX printed in white. It has a blue button that lights up when it is active. The back is white, it has a bar code (23113033667) and Made in China (ver.3).

    When I examine the installed device I find:

    MAGIX USB-Videowandler 2

    Driver date 06/07/2012

    Driver version:5.12.620.706

    My PC reports that the device is working properly, but it seems to only recognise it as an audio device.




        Just read this post

        is this relevant to your USB device?


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