rraud wrote on 4/8/2021, 10:12 AM

Which version of Sound Forge-15? Pro, Audio Studio or a 365 subscription version.
Read the 'Sticky' at the head for the main Sound Forge forum page.

btw, welcome to th Magix Sound Forge users forum @DamodarM.

DamodarM wrote on 4/8/2021, 10:22 AM

Yeah, it's Pro

rraud wrote on 4/8/2021, 10:56 AM

Was the 'Noise Reduction Pack' (formally known as NR-2.0) check-marked on the installation manager when you initially installed SFP-15. In any case you can reinstall it . Run the install manager and only check-mark the NR Pack. The install manager may still be in your "Documents> MAGIX downloads" or in your 'Downloads' folder. (soundforgepro15_dlm_ku3zs9.exe)
You can also add the NR Pack tools (Noise Reduction; Click and Crackle removal; Clipped Peak Restore) in the FX Favorites (Organize> Direct X, and drag the desired NR tools to the Favorites folder or sub-folder)
FYI, RX Elements basically has the same tools as the NR pack, but are more refined.

Also confirm Pro-15 is Build 45 (SF Help menu> About SF). If it is not, download from the "Magix Service Center> My Products" and re-install Pro 15 as well.


DamodarM wrote on 4/9/2021, 4:55 AM


Thank you so much, one of our technician made this mistake, he has not installed the plugin while installing the sound forge.

Warm Regards,

Damodar Mahajan