Noise Reduction Plug-In

Chip-Salerno wrote on 10/5/2018, 1:27 PM

Does anyone know how I can purchase a serial number to upgrade the Noise Reduction 2.0 plugin from the demo to the full version? It doesn't appear to be available on the Magix site or o what's left Sony Creative. The Phone number provided to "upgrade by phone" is out of service and the "Sony" link to purchase just sends me to Magix site. Frustrating. The Plug-in is useless in demo mode. I'd be happy to buy it if I could figure out how.


rraud wrote on 10/5/2018, 5:09 PM

What version of SF are using now? NR-2.0 was included starting with SF Pro 8 or 9.

Don't know where you can purchase the NR-2.0 suite since Magix's acquisition but you could email Magix sales at,

However, as I recall, the old SCS purchase price for NR-2.0 was almost as much as Sound Forge Pro 11 which included it, as well as the many other plug-ins including the SF iZotope mastering suite. Instead, I would recommend purchasing Pro 12, which includes two noise reduction suites, NR-2.0 and iZotope's RX Elements (both x64). Pro 12 also includes Ozone Elements FX, Wave Hammer 2, ect, the legacy plug-ins and VST 3 support. Pro 12 x64 is also noticeably snappier.

Rednroll wrote on 3/8/2019, 6:41 PM

Hi rraud,

I've been out of the loop and am currently setting up my PC. Wow...32bit, 64bit, VST2, VST3 versions of plugins...what a mess.

Anyways, I installed SF Pro 12 and am not finding NR-2.0. Where are they hiding it these days? Was going to install my Sony NR-2.0 version but if it's in need right....if I could just find it.


rraud wrote on 3/10/2019, 1:50 PM

Red, Did you have NR-2 previously installed, (SF-9, 10, or 11 for instance), if so, it should still be available and show up in 'FX Favorites> Organize' under Direct X. BTW, the iZotope RX Elements NR are VST.

Otherwise the option to install it (32 or 64 bit) with or w/o the other options in the "soundforgepro12_dlm.exe" installer file. I never bothered to update it since the SCS branded NR-2.0 works without issue.

Rednroll wrote on 3/13/2019, 11:59 PM

Thanks Rick, I'll give that a try. My PC recently got corrupted when I was installing some Waves plugins. I'm pretty anal about keeping HDD image backups and for some reason I couldn't even get my PC to boot into windows after restoring a known working HDD image. So long story short, I had to do a complete factory restore and start installing everything fresh. Therefore, I'm just starting with the latest versions of SF, Vegas, Acid, etc and have just let everything install with default settings. Took me an entire week to get 90% of everything re-installed and reconfigured.

The NR 2.0 Magix version built into SF12 isn't a VST? Just Dir-X?

rraud wrote on 3/14/2019, 6:08 PM

"Took me an entire week to get 90% of everything re-installed and reconfigured."
- I hear ya Red, been there, done that. A real pain for sure.

"The NR 2.0 Magix version built into SF12 isn't a VST? Just Dir-X?"
- Yes, Direct X,. As far as I can tell, identical to the SCS NR-2.0, except w/o the SCS branding.

Rednroll wrote on 3/16/2019, 10:05 PM

I ended up just installing the Sony version. I couldn't find the "soundforgepro12_dlm.exe". So I thought I would just try to reinstall SF12, since I must have just quickly clicked through the install and missed checking NR. It's telling me I need to uninstall before I can re-install. I would have gone through and done that, but I just finished spending a ton of time organizing my plugins in the Plugin manager and it seems I would have had to do all that organizing over. Anyone know of a way to save and recall your plugin manager folders and plugin groups?

rraud wrote on 3/17/2019, 11:39 AM

Some of the Pro 12 updates (the 12.1 patch for example, did not include the optional installs. If you go to the 'Magix Service Center' web page, log into your account and select 'My Products', that SF Pro 12 installer (soundforgepro12_dlm.exe) has the NR 2.0 plug-ins option as well as the iZotope, ect.

I don't know where the Fx favorites are stored, we used to be able to import and export via the 'Preset Manager' utility. They could be in 'User / Appdata / Local (or Roaming).. or.. in the registry. The DX and VST grovel <.log> files are in the appdata>local...

Don't know how much help this would be but at the bottom of this post, there is a batch file download to transfer custom preferences form 12 to 12.1, don't know if it works with SCS SF.

JoaoBC wrote on 10/29/2020, 1:02 PM

Friends, what is the latest version of noise reduction plugin?

The file shows


Is this ? Or is another ?

rraud wrote on 10/29/2020, 3:34 PM

That is the current build for NR-2.0 . FWIW, there ain't any difference I can detect from the SCS legacy version, aside from removing the 'Sony' brand name and 64 bit compatible.