Not a happy camper with AS14

Voiceover-Brit33 wrote on 2/16/2020, 7:01 PM

I do voice-over work and when I upgraded from AS 12.6 to AS13 I was disappointed that the spectral repair feature and cross fade editing were removed but the bigger problem was that it kept crashing using Izotope nectar. Izotope was very helpful and concluded that the problem was AS. Based on the promise of 'improved VST stability' and 'bug fixes to avoid potential system crashes', I just updated to AS14.


NONE of my Izotope presets will load in 14. They show up on the drop down menu but won't load at all. I created a quick preset in mouth de-click and that won't load. It's just the default settings. Can anyone help?


I've had AS14 for a little over an hour now and requested my money back. Time to learn Reaper I guess.