Nothing but problems...

Vector-PC-Sleder wrote on 12/6/2019, 4:01 PM

After getting error message after error message and installing/uninstalling/reinstalling three times, I was finally able to install and run Acid Pro 9 but only AFTER not installing the included "updater". There is something in the updater file causing "error 57" and "error 59" conflicts.

So upon finally being able to start the program and activate.. it asked if I wanted to download a "major update". I clicked "yes". About 25 minutes later with all files now downloaded, it asked me if I wanted to install them. I clicked "yes". The message "Acid must close to install this update" or something to that degree. I close Acid.... nothing, crickets.. Hmm, I restart Acid "Would you like to update Acid?"... Errr. we just went through this! I click yes again. It's starts downloading the same exact update it just downloaded. What to do?

Furthermore. Acid 9 Pro imported all my third party affects from Acid 7 (which has been on my PC for years). Great, right? Sure, but, none of Acid 7 or Acid 9 stock bundled affects are showing, lol. I'm not talking about the instrument bundles that come with 9.. I haven't downloading them yet. I'm talking about the the VST affects.

I'm really really regretting wasting my money on this software. I should have listened to all the bad reviews.















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