Nulling of Sound Forge - Paid For

Former user wrote on 1/30/2019, 4:03 PM

I purchased Music Maker 2017 version last year and then also purchased the 2019 version(which unfortunately has been mostly a headache and so I stick to the 2017 version). In the process, my purchase of the 2019 version included a copy of Sound Forge 10. I have this program working just fine, registered with a proper serial number and I assume all is OK. After a hiatus of several months, I start using the program again over the last few days. All good for few days. But today, no go, now something has transpired in the background to nullify use of the program, saying that elevated privileges are required. This splash dialog then disappears upon hitting the NEXT button, and I see nothing further. No functional Sound Forge. I attempt an uninstall and reinstall with the same results, and no opportunity given to verify my serial number. And so the question is, what gives? How do we take care of this most disappointing and frustrating event, and what is the reason for its occurrence? Thank you. Sincerely, Clifford E Carnicom


Update: I have managed to get a reinstall attempt to ask for the serial number and registration. The process succeeds online in the background. But the program still will not load properly, and only comes up again with the splash screen saying that I need elevated privileges, from Magix.


Update: OK, I have managed to get the program by running it in Administrative mode. Not sure why the difference, as I have not changed anything here that I know of. So I will do this from now on until I hear something otherwise. Only remaining symptom I see is that the desktop icon is no longer of a commercial nature (i.e. logo) and is a plain white shortcut, so obviously something has been taken off kilter. This is version 10. I am, at least for now, running again. CEC


Update : OK, now I fixed up the icon via Windows 10 procedures. Only thing I know that remains goofy is that the program must now be run in Admin mode. Any explanation for this change? Thank you, CEC


rraud wrote on 1/30/2019, 5:21 PM

Any explanation for this change?

The elevated privileges issue seems to happen regularly with Windows updates on some versions of SF. You could try uninstalling & reinstalling again, but using a third-party uninstaller (Revo's Uninstaller for instance), which can clean the leftover registry entries that are normally left behind. It may be faster/easier though to just edit the registry, since you will likely have to do it again (and again) at some point, I have to do this every few months with SF Pro 10. It's an annoyance but relativity quick and easy if you have done it before. See this 'Elevated Privileges' thread on this forum. Heed the usual precautions if delving into the registry.

Former user wrote on 1/31/2019, 6:47 AM

Thanks much Rraud, this makes perfect sense (unless we start talking more about the Windows OS, which probably does not). Best regards, CEC