Obtaining patches

David-Gray wrote on 7/19/2022, 10:21 AM

I have had problems installing patches through the in-app prompts in Magix Mausic Maker 2021 Premium and while trying to find resolutions I noticed that patches were advertised within the Support Forum for other Magix software that I own, like Samplitude X7 Suite, or Sound Forge Pro 16 Suite etc. But I can't find how to directly download the applicable patches as there seem to be no links in the forum posts.

Please could someone advise where I can access the patch download links?

I find the download links within the "My Products" area of the Magix site are often to older versions of software and not he most recent patch levels. This means that if one relies on the "My Products" area for a reinstall of a problematic software you can get plunged into a patch update chain within the fresh installation. This would be fine if the patch update chaing actually worked, but with MMM 2021 Premium for example, it just doesn't. I need to be able to access the full installers for the latest patch levels or else Magix needs to do a better job of updating the download links within the My Product area. Magix software can be intensely frustrating to deal with, and it is deeply unprofessional to be told that Firewalls and Anti-Virus software has to be disabled before some software can be installed/updated.


rraud wrote on 7/19/2022, 11:34 AM

Log in to the "Magix Service Center or Download Center and download the products installer from (which will be the latest build) and re-install. This will basically have the same end result as the update procedure. In this case, do not use third-party uninstaller/cleaner so the user's settings are retained. The other components in the install manager do not need to be reinstalled.

Service Center URL:
 Dowlnoad Center URL:

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