OK Magix - You win - I quit Music Maker

Nickillus wrote on 11/20/2018, 7:18 PM

So I made the mistake of opening version 2019 again, and checking to see if any new patches had been issued. There was one, so I optimistically installed it hoping it would fix some of the many things still fundamentally wrong - like the frequent crashing, the freezing, the midi overspill sounds . . . . .

Nope, the program froze within about a minute of me trying to use it. Never mind I thought, I'll go back to using the much more reliable version 2018 I've been using all the while, waiting for this to be fixed.

Nope, the new patch has completely messed up that installation too now. It's not only reverted me me back to the 8 track maximum of the free version, but also corrupted all the instrument libraries to need validating again. It's the last straw. I am now totally hacked off with this. I've uninstalled both versions 2019 and 2018. I simply do not have time right now for the sheer stress this terrible version has put me though . Can you tell I'm a bit peeved?



EDIT - OK, I'm not a quitter, and anyhow I have too much invested in the instrument arsenal to give up that easily. Soooooo I've reinstalled just the latest version, and undertaken the various suggested patches as they popped up. So far, and saying this very quietly in case I jinx it, it seems to be holding with a little bit more stability. Could well be that the presence of the older installations was interfering with the smooth operation of the latest version? I'm pretty sure that shouldn't be the case but . . . . . .

My current problem is that if I use the recommended (or any) ASIO driver then I am unable to use my microphone (a Blue Yeti - usb jobbie). It just doesn't register anything, and yes it is set as the default input. It works fine for Samplitude Music Studio which also uses ASIO, so I'm a bit befuddled about that. I've had to resort to a wav driver setup in MM.

An ongoing issue I also have is with one of my older instruments - the Century Guitars. Whilst I seem to have most of the set up, it won't work because an xml file is missing, or so the error message tells me. Anyone know how to uninstall an instrument so it can be reloaded afresh, which will supposedly deliver a version with all files intact?






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