Old ACID files "out of synch"

Kevin-Angle wrote on 11/29/2019, 10:13 PM

I've been DJ'ing over 30 years and at one point in time used ACID to create megamixes and edits, from Sonic Foundry v2.x to Sony v6.x. I no longer have the software but have my ACID files (.acd) and music files on various hard drives. I installed a trial of ACID 9 hoping to render some of these mixes but everything is out of synch and the tracks all show as "one-shot". I think I already know the answer but do I have any hope for these files? I'm now thinking it has something to do with the "sfk" files of which I have about 500 in total whereas I probably have at least 30k music files. As I moved files between drives I wasn't concerned with backing those up and assume I may have lost all my work as a result :-(


Frank_Fader wrote on 12/2/2019, 4:21 AM

Can you try to load the old projects with AP9 32 Bit? Does that work better?

sheppo wrote on 12/2/2019, 9:07 AM

the SFK files contain peak information for the audio, as well as (correct me if I'm wrong frank), but also the beatmapping information. So yes, if you have not copied SFK files as you have moved between hard disks you will have lost this information.

You should still be able to re-create the beat information by going through the beatmap wizard for each track - it will take time, of course, but assuming you always picked a sensible downbeat you should be able to go through the beatmap information and get your mixes back without too much hassle.

(i do essentially the same thing with acid as you do)