Old ACID Pro 7 Projects Won't Open Properly in ACID 10 on New Computer

Eric-Penington wrote on 8/5/2020, 1:26 PM

I have several sample-based music projects going in ACID Pro 7 on my old Windows 7 computer. Even with all the crashes and bugs, I still love ACID Pro 7. It's what I've used for over a decade and I'm able to use it effortlessly at this point to make some really creative stuff.

I did, however, feel like I was limited by which plug-ins I was able to use. I specifically wanted to get upgrades of Izotope software that was not compatible with ACID 7. ACID 7 and my old computer felt outdated in general... My computer was 8 years old, so I decided to get a better one and also upgrade to ACID Pro 10.

I can't say I was completely shocked, but more disappointed, when I found out that my (25 or so) ACID Pro 7 projects would not open correctly in either ACID Pro 7 or 10 on my new Windows 10 computer. This was really annoying because it meant that I needed to keep my old computer for another year until each project was finished.

MAGIX, please try to make your new versions of ACID better (not worse than previous ones) and more compatible with all versions of Windows and previous ACID Pro Versions.

I have yet to create a new project in ACID Pro 10, but I'm noticing that it's very dark and difficult to see the samples / tracks in general. I'm hoping the basics are the same as ACID 7...


mjn3 wrote on 8/6/2020, 10:57 AM

I also had an 8 or 9 year old computer running ACID Pro 7 on Windows 7 32bit. About a year ago I built a new computer and put Windows 10 64bit on it. Like you I can use Pro 7 effortlessly and creatively. I use Pro 7 as a starting point/compositional tool, eventually exporting my tracks into a modern DAW for the bulk of the work. So having access to specific plug-ins in ACID isn’t really a big deal for me. It’s all about quickly composing and getting down scratch parts.

Anyway, I’m writing to say the PRO 7 does open old projects and it runs pretty well on my Windows 10 machine. I’ve not upgraded to newer ACID versions, because of what I read of problem reports posted here.

Eric-Penington wrote on 8/6/2020, 12:59 PM

Yeah, it's unfortunate. Even on Acid 7 on my new computer, the Acid 7 projects created on my old computer don't open properly. There is something wrong with the looping pitch and timing is off on about 1/3 to half of my samples - when I open them on the new computer. I've started using Reaper on the new computer which is nice, but not as quick for me (because I'm still learning it). I do love how quickly you can sketch out ideas in Acid and will probably keep using it. The main problem with Acid 10 (for me) is that the background is very dark and tracks are hard to see. Other than that, the sound is a little better and it accepts the new Ozone plugins.

sheppo wrote on 9/7/2020, 6:22 PM

Yeah, it's an annoyance. The two main issues I've found are

  1. plugins used back in the day in old projects have been renamed and don't map or load on new systems. I'd say it's probably worth bouncing down, or rendering to new tracks when finishing a project. This is a common problem when archiving projects in practically every DAW as far as I can tell.
  2. The other issue relates to beatmapped audio, this appears to be because at some point between 8 and 10 the 'stretch information format' changed. Most of the time a beatmapped audio track will be fine, but some tracks will look like the beatmap information was corrupt and will need running through the beatmap wizard again.