nihon94 wrote on 9/18/2010, 1:33 PM



Your question is not clear, If you are  talking about Soundpool styles in Magix Music Maker and some how you lost in the Magix Music Maker Library which is on left side when Program is open that is not difficult.

When Magix Music Maker is open click computer key "Y" it will open Program settings window then on top right side click Folder Tab look for Soundpool Path you will know where your soundpool are. This is a path showing soundpool on computer.

When you know where soundpool are then close this Program setting window and from Add style browse for Chillout Vol4 folder when you locate clik on it click OK and it will be added in Library of Soundpool.


For other problem of soundpool you can also check my pdf

Soundpool problem and solution faq for MMM 16 Premium


If your question is not for Magix Music Maker then sorry.


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Thank you