Opening a CSW ( Compressed Square Wave) extension on a music file

michaelszabath1 wrote on 6/29/2016, 6:48 PM

Hi Hope someone can help please. I am trying to open some CSW files of music. I  had my computer updated to Windows 10 so backed up all my files to another external hard drive before hand.  I then tried to reinstall some music files back into Cinescore (Sony Program) but apparently they have been saved as an archived File CSW.  Appears that some security measure within this progam changes the files so that they can't be reinstalled onto other drives. They were originally purchased & downloaded without a backup disc. I do not have access to the original emails either.  Sony have been unable to help other than to tell me to Unarchive them ????. I recieved an email saying that Magix was taking over some parts of Sony operations. Has any long time users of Magix products come across any program that will open or convert CSW back to Wav files.


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