Ozone 10 Advanced compatibilty issues

Pauly13 wrote on 5/22/2023, 2:40 PM

When using Ozone 10 Advanced separate modules (like master rebalance) the rendering process only affects the last 1/3 of the file. Tried highlighting the file and also not highlighting, no change. I have not tired all the modules separately this way, so I don't know if none of them work. BTW I also tried using the AI mastering process and just deleted all other modules but Master Rebalance and the same thing happened. Anyone have a clue? I am using a pc, Windows 10, not recently updated .Thank you.


rraud wrote on 5/22/2023, 5:49 PM

Which version of Sound Forge? SF-16 and 17 have issues with VST plug-ins in general that have yet to be fixed.
Try using the VST-3 version of Ozone or the 64 bit VST-2 if it is available.

TR_Mala wrote on 5/24/2023, 12:46 AM

I've also encountered this with Ozone's Master Rebalance (version 9 and 10) and it was a problem in both Sound Forge 16 and 17. Support from iZotope has yielded nothing helpful, and I've been unable to find a solution on the web. In my case, the plugin will leave just under three minutes of the beginning of the data untouched and process the rest. Audio shorter than three minutes remains untouched. My workaround is to paste a duplicate of the audio the end of the waveform, doubling its length, and then apply the plug-in. I then delete the mostly-unprocessed data (first half) and keep the processed duplicate (second half). Hope this is somewhat helpful.

Pauly13 wrote on 5/24/2023, 2:06 PM

Brilliant! I hope I would've thought of the same thing eventually [ 🤓 ] but damn, yes, it worked by just appending the whole tune to itself, putting a marker at the dead end to identify it cleanly and executing! Nice job TR_Mala