emmrecs wrote on 7/1/2019, 3:36 AM


Thanks for your PM (which reminded me I needed to respond here) but rather than answer only you I'll post my ideas here so that anyone else meeting this problem can try these possible solutions:

  • I assume you originally obtained Ozone Elements with your purchase of Music Maker? If so, if you go to the Store tab you should find it listed as available to download, along with your personal serial number.
  • If you do not see Elements listed there I think the only solution is to use the Contact button in the footer of every forum page to contact Magix Sales and request they resend the installer to you, or reinstate it in your Store tab.



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ralftaro wrote on 7/3/2019, 7:33 AM


If you really needed to, you could always register your Ozone Elements license directly with iZotope (using the serial number provided by MAGIX) and download it from them. In fact, you should be able to download the installer without registering first:

If you bypass the in-app store installation and install via the iZotope installer above, you'll probably just need to make sure to properly set the VST plug-in path within Music Maker, so the DAW will actually find it. Also, make sure it's the 32bit version of the plug-in that you're installing and that you're pointing Music Maker to, as that's the only version Music Maker will be able to work with at this point in time.


Jesus-Valenzuela wrote on 7/3/2019, 11:34 AM

Cheers and Thanks Ralf