Parts of old projects show in my project timeline

mronkain wrote on 4/11/2019, 1:48 AM

I have a curious bug with Video Easy.
I use it to convert old VHS tapes to digital. I just import the whole tape, edit and color correct it and export. However, sometimes when I import a tape and start editing it, it shows quick flashes from my old imports on top of the current project. If I look at the imported mpg video directly from Windows directory, these are not visible. Also they are not visible when I export the project. Somehow they haunt only in the software. I have tried the following: I have deleted all old data, moved the finished projects to another directory. This hasn't worked. The strange thing with this is that it does not happen all the time. Sometimes the imported video shows just as it is, but since the import takes up to 4 hours I wouldn't like to do this over and over again. Another thing I have done is to edit the video "blind", checking from the mpg import file when the actual movie starts (time) and clipped away that much in the Video Easy timeline and same thing at the end. That works sometimes, sometimes there's an annoying few frames offset that causes me to loose a clip or have a bit too much.

I have two ideas why this might occur:
There is some temp/cache directory that could be manually emptied. However, I have no idea where this would be.
There is some display adapter overlay function that causes this (I have Geforce GTX 1080Ti), again, no idea how I should tackle this.

Any ideas? There doesn't seem to be an update to the software either.



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