Patch for Music Maker - version

ralftaro wrote on 10/14/2020, 9:01 AM

Hi all,

Music Maker update went live recently. Please find again below the official patch notes. This was just a smaller patch. However, since there haven't been any such update notifications here during the recent months, I decided to include the patch notes for all previous updates for generation 29.x, some of which included some rather substantial changes and bug fixes.


Changes in patch compared to

    Bugfix: Projects containing Vita 2 can be loaded without problems

Changes in patch compared to

    Bug fix: Audio glitches that occured under ASIO with activated multicore support have been fixed
    Improvements: Fixed behavior of mouse mode "Replace"
    Improvement: In Download Tab content can now be searched for and filtered
    Improvement: Multi-selection in the arranger can now also be defined below the bottom track in the arranger
    Bug fix: Redesigned process for using TAK files in the arranger
    Crash fix: Dialog for redeeming credit no longer crashes when closed
    Crash fix: Revolta 2 no longer crashes when long preset names are used
    Additional small-scale customizations and enhancements to the loop manager, start dialog and mouse pointer in the program

Changes in patch compared to

    Improvement: Progress display for the scan of VST paths and the installation of Soundpools
    Improvement: The loop view in the loop manager has been completely revised and optimized
    Improvement: Automatic installation of functions and plugins in the download area of Music Maker
    Bugfix: Projects containing Vita 2 can be loaded without problems
    Bugfix: Issues with installing and using Vita 2 presets have been fixed
    Bugfix: The VST menu in the track header contains icons of installed Vita instruments again
    Bugfix: Text-to-Speech works again
    Bugfix: The MIDI Editor no longer closes when clicked into the Music Maker Arranger
    Bugfix: Errors when loading projects containing MIDI files have been fixed
    Bugfix: Errors when loading TAK files have been fixed
    Bugfix: Errors when using the Live Pads with the mouse have been fixed
    Crashfix: Crash at the end of the loop range during recording has been fixed
    Crashfix: There is no longer a crash when a MIDI file opened with the MIDI Editor is deleted in the Music Maker Arranger
    Improvement: Optimized control of live pads with the Novation Lauchkey MK3 Mini
    Song Maker: Optimizing the Interface
    Other minor adjustments and improvements (e.g. formatting of the detail pages in the store, minor adaptations to the program interface and revision of the localization)

Changes in patch compared to

    Bug fix: "Download failed" error message has been resolved
    Crash fix: Closing "Loops in a project cannot be found" dialog no longer leads to crashes
    Crash fix: Customizations in the Arranger lead to crashes
    Crash fix: Crashes occurred when closing the "Redeem credit" dialog
    Song Maker: Omitting song parts in the Song Maker no longer produces crossfades in the arranger after a song has been created
    Song Maker: Sorting instruments by name
    Song Maker: Other GUI improvements
    Additional small-scale customization and enhancements to the GUI, Music Maker and Store


As always, the patch will be deployed via the program's automatic update function, which you can also trigger via the "Upgrade program online" option in the "Help" menu. Please keep in mind that, under the current Music Maker product concept, you'll be able to patch your way up to the current product generation and revision from any version starting in generation 25.x of the software.