Patch for Music Maker | version

ralftaro wrote on 1/5/2021, 3:39 PM

Hi all,

Music Maker update went live today. Please find below the official patch notes.

Changes in patch compared to

  • New: A dialog is available in the Help menu, which lists all Editions you have purchased and/or activated
  • Crash fix: Fixed crashes that occurred as a result of the buffer size of the ASIO driver
  • Bug fix: Resolved incorrect MIDI recording with MIDI controllers that send MIDI Clock Events
  • Bug fix: WMV files can be added to an arrangement again
  • Bug fix: Resolved incorrect display of the playback buttons in the loop preview
  • Bug fix: Soundpool duplicates are no longer displayed in the Loop Manager
  • Improvement: Changes to the Store view
  • Improvement: Accelerated loading of Live Sets

As always, the patch will be deployed via the program's automatic update function, which you can also trigger via the "Upgrade program online" option in the "Help" menu. Please keep in mind that, under the current Music Maker product concept, you'll be able to patch your way up to the current product generation and revision from any version starting in generation 25.x of the software.