Patch for Music Maker | version

ralftaro wrote on 12/11/2023, 7:25 AM

Hi all,

Today it's time again for a new Music Maker update. This time we have taken a little longer to incorporate as many of the latest improvements and bug fixes as possible. This has resulted in a relatively large update with some substantial changes. We have again responded to your problems from the recent past, but also introduced other improvements. Here are the official patch notes:

Changes in patch compared to

  • Various crash fixes and bug fixes:
    • Image and sound synchronized again during loop playback
    • Playback after audio recordings fixed
    • Installation of collections correct again
    • Advanced pitch ranges permanently activated again
    • Undo/redo now possible for master volume control
    • File size information for Collections and Soundpools correct again
    • Download of collections with active Loops Unlimited subscription possible again
    • WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE files can be opened again
    • VST editing windows are displayed correctly again
    • Metronome works correctly again with the first click at the start of the project
    • Fixed audio recording stuttering that occurred when project length extended during recording
    • Tracking of editions is working correctly again
    • MXShopManager works correctly again
  • New instruments in the in-app Store
    • Cherry Audio Harmonia synthesizer
    • d-16 Drumazon 2
  • Minor adjustments to UI
    • New in-app Store button
    • New Spectrum Visualizer 2 icon


As always, the patch will be deployed via the program's automatic update function, which you can also trigger via the "Update program online" option in the "Help" menu. (In more current product generations, this will take you to the start dialogue to trigger the actual patch download.)  Please keep in mind that, under the current Music Maker product concept, you'll be able to patch your way up to the current product generation and revision from any version starting in generation 25.x of the software.