Patch for SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 12 – version

MAGIX_Redaktion wrote on 8/22/2017, 9:32 AM

What's new in

  •     Riff wave data editor added
  •     Read ID3 tags and display in the ID3 tag editor
  •     Open last files at program start as a new option in preferences
  •     Drag a selection to Region list to create a new region
  •     There is a new option: Ctrl + Shift + Left/Right and Ctrl + Left/Right to factor in slice edges
  •     Select all by triple clicking between markers
  •     Toolbar buttons and menu functions to glue slices
  •     Toolbar button and menu function for snapping to zero crossings (it is recommended to reset the
    toolbar by right click to the toolbar -> Reset all toolbars)
  •     Softscroll to smoothly move cursor back to center
  •     Shortcut to center cursor added
  •     In the record dialog, the word "clip" in the peakmeter value now appears to warn when clipping is
  •     In the record dialog, it is now possible to create markers with shortcut "M"
  •     In the record dialog, there is now a warning when file attributes have been changed and a new file
    is about to be created

What is updated or fixed:

  •     "Save copy as..." saved only the selected range of the opened file
  •     Save mp3 as wave was sometimes not proper working
  •     For wave files with less sample data
  •     For finding zero crossing at slice edges
  •     Always fade inside for start of new effect slices
  •     For video file exchange with Vegas
  •     Vertical autoscroll for video track
  •     Ripple for video track
  •     Empty dropdown in record dialog
  •     Focus problem after marker renaming
  •     DeNoiser is now showing the current noise sample, even when it was changed via preset
  •     Video files without audio could not open before
  •     Open file dialog showed no files after changing the format
  •     Fixed behavior of stretched slice at start of the virtual wave in the Timestretch dialog
  •     F1 shortcut for contents in effects / mix / goto / set selection / new wave
  •     Help & PDF update