Patch for SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 12 – version

MAGIX_Redaktion wrote on 9/19/2017, 8:39 AM

What's new in

  • New Tempo-Dialog included
  • Play Loop status visible in status bar
  • ID3-Editor & CD-Text Dialog separated
  • Glued slice will be selected after glue, to glue multiple slices one after another
  • Level Meter scale: -2.5, -6, -12, -inf. dB
  • Timestretching: new version of zplane elastique (V3.2.3)
  • Shortcut "Z" jumps to next or previous zero crossing
  • Editing: Mix Dialog with presets
  • New function: "View" -> "Zoom Level" -> "Window" / "Selection"
  • Mouse click to marker sets the cursour to the marker
  • Update sart position during Drag&Drop of wave data
  • Move view back to play start after stop

What is updated or fixed:           

  • Goto / Set Selection Dialog: input control for time changed for better input handling and accessibility
  • Fixes for big numbers in Goto & Set Selection Dialog
  • Number of characters limited in Goto & Set Selection Dialog
  • Localisation of  decimal point in Goto & Set Selection Dialog
  • Loading an AAC file directly after "Save as..." fixed
  • "Normalize" after "Play backwards\" fixed
  • Undo not changes selection or cursor position
  • "Paste with Overwrite" fixed
  • Right click on Slice handle not deselect the slice
  • Context menu of visualisation fixed
  • Mix at the End of the file fixed, The file will now expanded, if the source is longer
  • Record peakmeter fixed for mono recording
  • Elastic Audio: Preview and Rendering differences fixed
  • Elastic Audio: Crash at Pitch faktor changed during playback fixed
  • Fixes for zero crossing in crossfades
  • Autoscroll will be deactivated temporarily if user scrolls with scrollbar