Patch for Video Pro X - version

MAGIX_Redaktion wrote on 11/16/2017, 4:12 AM

Changes in version

  • NEW: Image border effects
  • NEW: Start dialog with new design (easier to understand and use)
  • NEW: 360° effects categories (now contains all 360° effects)
  • NEW: 360° scene rotation
  • NEW: Automatic recognition for 360° material and switching (Ricoh Theta m15, S, SC, Samsung Gear 360 and 360° files exported with programs)
  • NEW: Automatic stitching for some camera models (Ricoh Theta, Samsung Gear)
  • NEW: Track enhancements (track header, insert new track)
  • NEW: 5K/6K support for Lumix GH5 (movie settings)
  • Improved algorithms for rotate, zoom and 3D distortion (CPU performance improvements, deep color enabled, fixed artifacts)
  • Simplified selection of an object’s background (selection of background color moved from the Title Editor to the “Background design” title context menu)
  • GPU acceleration for Open FX effects (e.g. all HitFilm effects)
  • Virtually all effects can now be used in full screen mode
  • Fixed many crashes that occurred when using the program or upon program end
  • Fixed error which prevented export to network drives
  • Fixed various errors in Effects section (shot match, contour, lookup tables, titles)