Patch for Video Pro X - version

MAGIX_Redaktion wrote on 7/25/2018, 8:18 AM

Changes in version

  • Fixed error with the timecode
  • Long intro/outro preview has been shortened
  • Fixed error when setting the length of a camera pan or zoom shot
  • Fixed error with out-of-sync sound after changing a cross fade
  • Fixed crash with high-resolution material (>8K).
  • Only the latest version of the OpenFX plug-in will be used
  • Fixed error where the keyboard shortcuts were deactivated after leaving the title editor
  • Fixed incorrect display in the transition dialog
  • Fixed incorrect display in the effects tab
  • Fixed sluggish playback of standard effect previews by switching to DirectSound. (DirectSound with adjusted buffer size is now set as the default on program startup. The buffer size may need to be adjusted or the driver may need to be reset to Wave.)