Patch for Video Pro X - version (Updated 3/37)

Dave-Wallin-Eddy wrote on 3/22/2019, 7:58 PM

I did a search and did not find my answer so I am posting a new topic/question. I have been unable to download the patch from within the program. I came to the forum hoping to find a direct d/l link for it. Have not found one anywhere.

the main/only issue is that from in the program the window opens up and says there is a new upgrade/version/patch and every time I click on download most often it only gets to a few kb and than does nothing else. I left it for 48 hours the last time and sure enough - something like 347 KB had downloaded. At least 2 times It seems to get up to 20 megs but stalls out. It is not my connection as everything {else} works fine, it is something with the in program download location. Thanks.

EDIT: Trying it again and it is stalled out at 623 kb

EDIT: New Patch is out - can only get 3 mb /10% before it stalls out. Lack of response here makes it seem there is no DDL for these patches?


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