Patches: Movie Studio and Video Pro X 2022-10-18

MAGIX_Redaktion wrote on 10/18/2022, 7:10 AM

Dear community,

we keep on working hard on our softwares and have just released new patches for Movie Studio 2023 and Video Pro X14!

Movie Studio ( Video Pro X ( 2022-10-18 include the following improvements:

  • Fixed: Sporadic crash when drawing thumbnails in the Timeline
  • Fixed: Sporadic crash when using the horizontal mouse wheel
  • Fixed: Sporadic crash on exit while still creating thumbnails in the MediaPool
  • Fixed: Error when applying alpha masks
  • Fixed: Sporadic crash during import on AMD graphics cards
  • Fixed: Sporadic crash when updating to a new version number
  • Fixed: Sporadic crash on older graphics cards without full DirectX12 support
  • Fixed: Crash when reading video data on older graphics cards when import and rendering were configured to use different graphics cards

We appreciate all your feedback and wish you a lot of fun at working on your projects!

Best wishes,
Your MAGIX Team


emmrecs wrote on 10/18/2022, 8:19 AM


And as a heads-up to all users to a potential problem!

(With apologies for unlocking this post) but I suspect there may be a problem with the patch installer!

For both VPX 14 and MMS Suite 2023, on running the update patch, when it ended I received the following error message (this is the one for VPX 14, clearly)

Choosing to rerun the installer produced the same error message again; choosing the option to revert to previous version actually opened the apps and, checking the build number, I saw that both were now at the latest builds.

So, either there is a problem with the patch installers, or I now have "defective" installations of both apps! Hopefully, it is the former!


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