Pausing recordings and closing files

Dimas wrote on 1/10/2024, 1:13 PM

I have been trying to figure out how to pause recordings after finishing a song or side of an LP without success. Stopping the process creates two or more separate files as opposed to continuing to record. Also, how can you close a single file after you finish editing without exiting the application and reopening to continue editing?


MrMorden wrote on 1/29/2024, 12:12 PM

When about to record, click on settings at r/h side next to picture of record.

This will open up a box which has record/pause/stop buttons and a sound recording level meter.


Use the pause button here.

Dimas wrote on 1/30/2024, 2:57 PM

I missed that! Thank you.

Andrew-Hamm wrote on 6/11/2024, 11:44 AM

I''m also wanting to pause record then resume from that point, but it won't stop in the file that's current - it jumps to a new file.
I read the previous comment, but I can't see any "settings at r/h side next to picture of record". I may have the wrong layout displayed - I'm using "Stereo Recording" window layout.
Please help!

emmrecs wrote on 6/12/2024, 3:36 AM


This thread is about Audio Cleaning Lab so which version of the app do you have?

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Andrew-Hamm wrote on 6/12/2024, 4:20 AM

Ah, yes, right.
I'm using Sound Forge Pro 16.
I've found out what to do - I enabled "Record Options", then found "Mode", which was set to "Creat new windows", So I set that to "Normal", now all is good - I can pause or stop recording, and then re-start from where I stopped or anywhere on the waveform.