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Ron-Coutts wrote on 12/29/2019, 9:32 AM

How do I clear a pending downloads list that I have already downloaded? These three Soundpools have been showing up every time I open MM 2020 Premium. I purchased them, downloaded them immediately on purchase, and they appear in my Media Pool list. When I started MM up again, I discovered they were still there ready to download, and wondered if I had made an error, so I downloaded them again, and they 're-appeared' in my Media Pool. Now, they're there ready to download every time I start up MM despite still showing in the Media Pool???


Any suggestions?


johnebaker wrote on 12/29/2019, 2:45 PM



Try logging out of the Store, close Music Maker, restart Music Maker and then login to the Store again.


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Ron-Coutts wrote on 12/29/2019, 8:22 PM

Thank you, @johnebaker While I thought upon reading your suggestion 'that makes sense', unfortunately it didn't work 🙁 I tried it exactly as you suggested to no avail, then figured perhaps if I 're-download' them to clear them from the list and then log out, perhaps that would do the trick ... but alas, no (I gave it three attempts before giving up). They reappeared again on start up. I actually thought the notification that popped up when I logged out was the answer to the problem, but apparently not.


Ron-Coutts wrote on 1/12/2020, 7:28 PM

Hi Guys ... just following up on this. Still getting pending downloads showing every time I start up??? Surely there's a solution to this?

Pernas wrote on 1/16/2020, 9:42 AM

I'm experiencing the same with re-appearing pending downloads after every startup. Often 3-4 soundpools and some features.

browj2 wrote on 1/16/2020, 10:47 AM

@Ron-Coutts @Pernas


This has been an on-going problem that seems to affect some users but not others.

I resolved my problem by going to Program Settings, General options, Media Pool, Clean up Store. After doing this, close and reopen Music Maker. You may have to log in to the Store the first time. I haven't had any old Soundpools show up in the Downloads Manager since doing this.

That said, I went and changed the Soundpool format in the Media Pool, and now the Download Manager is full of my purchased Soundpools, waiting to download and replace ogg files with wav. Not the same problem.

Try the clean up and let us know if this helped.

John CB

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Pernas wrote on 1/17/2020, 2:54 AM

I ended up with a complete re-install of MMM - which took hours btw - to fully resolve this issue with re-appearing downloads all the time...Not what I hoped for but solved it for now...

Ron-Coutts wrote on 1/17/2020, 3:45 AM

Hi @browj2 

Thank you for your input, I just tried it a couple of times to no avail. Still got three Soundpools waiting to download, plus, since I deleted "Sound Forge" ... it's now appearing in the list also 😂😂 If it's one of things that has to be put up with, so be it, it's not really a deal breaker, just an annoyance - not enough @Pernas to put me through a complete uninstall/reinstall (I'd be concerned that my system configuration is leading to the problem so reinstalling may not actually 'fix' it long term).

Thank you to those who added their input 😃