Permission for using cracked or pirated version of sony vegas pro 13

Xabcd-Yabcd wrote on 1/8/2021, 10:50 PM

Hi there
I am a middle class guy from India and I wanted to use sony vegas pro 13 software, which is very expensive for a guy like me to purchase. So I decided to contact you through this e-mail/post in order to seek permission to use a pirated or cracked version of sony vegas pro 13. So you are hereby by requested to allow me to download pirated or cracked version of sony vegas pro 13 as you may be aware of the fact there are many websites on internet regarding cracked or pirated softwares.
Therefore it is a humble request to allow me to use pirated or cracked version of sony vegas pro 13 as I am in need of it.
Yours Thankful
An Abdullah


SP. wrote on 1/8/2021, 11:08 PM

@Xabcd-Yabcd You know that this is not possible. Instead of using cracked software you could just go the legal way and search on Google for free video editing software. There you'll find many options.

Xabcd-Yabcd wrote on 1/8/2021, 11:13 PM

I am requesting please

Allow me and I will make it sure that I will not propogate the use of cracked version. I will use it for me only.

Furthermore I am asking permission for only cracked version of sony vegas pro 13

johnebaker wrote on 1/9/2021, 1:26 AM



As you have already been told you cannot do this - using pirated or cracked software illegal.

@SP. has suggested you look for a free video editor of which there are several available.

This topic will be closed, resolution of your request is not possible.

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