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kligj wrote on 8/24/2017, 2:03 PM

Just downloaded the latest version of Photo Manager
When I open the folder with 15000 mixture of video and Photos, the folder only show a fraction of the photos/videos until I brow the folder manually. Are there any way to automate this ?

Selecting the time in the calendar mode, only very few items are shown.



Daniel-Elson wrote on 4/23/2019, 1:04 PM

I have the same problem - was there a solution? I can't click on all of my sub folders and wait for the photos to get loaded into Photo Manager.

johnebaker wrote on 4/23/2019, 2:37 PM



This would suggest that the images are not in the default Windows Pictures folder or sub folder.

If they are outside the Windows Pictures folder and are all in a folder with sub-folders you can change the Photos default file path in the program settings - File, options, Path settings tab to point to that root folder.

All sub folders are automatically scanned.

If they are scattered over several different folders then you have to add them manually or keep changing the file path as above.


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Daniel-Elson wrote on 4/23/2019, 3:43 PM

Thanks, I did that now, creating a network folder as photos are stored remotely. Adding the path didn't force a rescan of the database, but I achieved the same by using the database/add folder route.