Photostory Deluxe 2024 - Update

MAGIX_Redaktion wrote on 9/14/2023, 8:21 AM

Dear Community,

We are very happy to present the new patch for PhotoStory Deluxe 2024 to you. This patch brings a variety of improvements and optimizations.

Here is an overview of the issues that have been addressed and the improvements made:


  • UHD export of panoramas with camera/zoom movement
  • Portrait photos - rotated import
  • Crash - Drag&Drop in Storyboard
  • Thumbnails in timeline are not fetched
  • Title tab cannot be scrolled completely
  • Preview monitor - menu not operable


  • Localization "Next" and "Back" in Onboarding
  • Adapt Explorer header to the new design
  • Photo Explorer - icons in MAGIX Hub folder
  • Improve visibility of file names in Photo Explorer
  • Title tab graphic for edit title missing
  • ChromaKey dialog - behavior when changing effects

We take pride in the continuous development of our software, and your feedback has contributed to making Photostory deluxe 2024 even better. We hope you enjoy this update.

Thank you


zoro2 wrote on 9/15/2023, 7:42 PM

I've bought it but it doesn't work properly. Module mfc140u.dll won't allow me to open templates and crashes the program. I can't get Help to work or Context Help to work so right now its no use to me.

Photostory 2023 worked fine.

Bol wrote on 9/16/2023, 6:15 AM


Hello Zoro2,

...Module mfc140u.dll does not allow me to open templates and crashes the program.....

This could mean that you do not have the latest Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015-2022 installed? You can download it from here: Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015-2022.

It could also be that the files are damaged. Then click on repair.

Help / ?help doesn't work for me either, just like the Context help, giving this error message. see image. I think this is a program bug

Best wishes

zoro2 wrote on 9/16/2023, 10:59 PM

Hi Bol

Thank you for all your help but unfortunately, I still have the problem. I did the repair first and nothing changed so then I downloaded the Visual C both 64 & 86 as you had highlighted. but nothing changed still the program crashed.

Ive uninstalled photoshop and re downloaded but it still gives me the same error. Its very strange because Magix Movie edite pro works fine and the templates. I also tried going back to my Photostory 2023 and the templates worked their Im just about to give up I cant seem to resolve this issue.

Thanks again for your help Im most grateful

I dont know what to do anymore Ive spent 4 days so fare and got nowhere.


Bol wrote on 9/17/2023, 7:30 AM


Hello Bob,

It's a pity that my answer does not appear to be the solution. Another thing you could try is to delete the Cache folder. The Cache folder is automatically created again after deletion.

Best wishes

P.S. Have you restarted your computer completely?

zoro2 wrote on 9/17/2023, 11:23 PM

Hi Bol

Thank you again for your help its most appreciated.

I deleted the Cache and shut down the computer completely.

Then restarted the computer went to Photostory delux 2024. It launched first time and I thought that was a good start because it usually wont load on first attempt it crashes and has to be relaunched.

then after checking music, Fx and Titles to see if they had all loaded and they had.

I went to Templates. It came back with the same Error Mfc140u.dll etc.

I noticed in your list under common you have a few extra folders. CategoryDataBase, Database, metaData, proxy.

Im missing all of those folders. Should I have them?

With Visual C do I need the X86 version? As it wasn't on the computer only had the 64 version and when I downloaded the 64 version it ended up on the computer twice so I deleted one so it wouldn't interfere with anything. I'm not sure if I did the right thing? I'm not up on software or programs and how windows runs.

I sent a request for help from Magix the same day as I put it up on the forum but haven't had any response nor to the crash logs.

Its strange how if I go back to Photostory Delux 2023 it runs okay and also Movie Edit pro 2021. Both load templates without an issue. I've searched windows and the mfc files seem to be in the right place. Its just with this programme its as though somethings stopping it from loading. If I go to a old file that I have from 2023 version of a slide show I've made and load it. It runs perfectly with all the wipes templates music etc.

If I can't get this resolved It looks like the end of the road for me with Magix photostory and I'll just have to go back to 2023 and see if I can get a refund for 2024 as it doesn't work. I'd prefer to get it working as I like the programme.

Again, many thanks for your assistance.

Regards Bob from Australia.

emmrecs wrote on 9/18/2023, 5:31 AM


I sent a request for help from Magix

To where, exactly, did you send this request?

For problems like this you need to create a Support Ticket, starting from the Support Link in the header of any forum page. Just make sure you fully complete each subsequent page and always choose the option to Contact/Email Support, not visit the forums!


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Bol wrote on 9/18/2023, 6:19 AM


Hello Bob,

I was happy to try to help you. Unfortunately, I was unable to do this. An answer to your question: "I saw in your list under common that you have a few extra folders such as CategoryDataBase, Database, metaData, proxy", I don't have those. I suspect that you have sent the error message (crash logs) to Magix Germany from the "Photostory" program. If that is the case, you as a user will never receive an answer.

My advice is now the same as that of @emmrecs. It is best to contact Magix Support

Good luck,
Rob from the Netherlands

zoro2 wrote on 9/18/2023, 6:31 PM

Hi Jeff and Bol

Thank you both for your information.

I did mention to Bol in my last message that I'd contacted Magix Support and got a message back with a Ticket number and a message saying. " Your Email will soon be answered by one of our employees". But that's a week tomorrow and no one has contacted me. I would like to resolve this issue because I like the programme but if I don't get a reply soon and resolve the issue than I'll ask for a refund and try to find another photo programme that will do the same as Photostory.

Thank you both for your input to my problem I'm most grateful.

Kind regards Bob

emmrecs wrote on 9/19/2023, 4:18 AM


If you have not yet received any reply following the email with the ticket number simply reply to that email and ask "What is happening?".

Did they ask you to download, install and run their SysCheck program? If so, did you do so? Its purpose is to allow them to "look in depth" at your computer and helps to analyse what the cause of your problem with PS may be.


Win 10 Pro 64 bit, Intel i7 Quad Core 6700K @ 4GHz, 32 GB RAM, NVidia GTX 1660TI and Intel HD530 Graphics, MOTU 8-Pre f/w audio interface, VPX, MEP, Music Maker, PhotoStory Deluxe, Photo Manager Deluxe, Xara 3D Maker 7, Reaper, Adobe Audition 3, CS6 and CC, 2 x Canon HG10 cameras, 1 x Canon EOS 600D

Bol wrote on 9/19/2023, 6:06 AM


Hello Bob,

I completely agree with @emmrecs (Jeff) answer. I think your problem is a Windows problem and not Photostory Deluxe 2024

Best wishes

zoro2 wrote on 9/19/2023, 5:51 PM

Hi Guys

Thanks for your replies.

They haven't been in touch so no I haven't been asked to download the Syscheck .

I wonder how its a windows problem when according to the test I've run on windows all Check out okay each time. And why would the previous programmes for Photostory the templates work as they do in Movie edit pro.

Thanks again I do hope Magix gets in touch soon as I'm about to give up its a week now and I've got nowhere.

Kind regards



Bol wrote on 9/20/2023, 5:01 PM


Hello Bob,

If I read correctly, you created a ticket on September 18, 2023. Magix Support usually responds between 5-7 business days. I would say just wait and see.

It may be that remnants of old Photostory are causing you the problems. My advice, remove all older Photostory versions from your computer and then install Photostory 2024.

Best wishes

zoro2 wrote on 9/20/2023, 8:06 PM

Hi Bol

I received the SysCheck this morning and have run the check and sent the zip file back . So now I'll wait for hopefully a good outcome.

Thank you for all your great help its been good talking with you. I can let you know the outcome if you Like.

Kind Regards