Picking a Device that works, but then my SF10 Cursor then disappears

DeeB2025 wrote on 5/16/2024, 4:25 PM

What causes this ??? ...and I've heard this from other Sound Forge Users too. I'm now running Windows 10 but this occured also when my desktop was Windows 7. When I select what I think is the best audio device...it works and sounds great, BUT then I realize that with this particular sound device selected...my Sound Forge 10 Cursor now disappears in the Edit window. C'mon what gives ?? When I hit Play, the cursor disappears. and it only returns when I then hit STOP. My Interface is an older Digidesign MBox 2. When this happens, it renders Sound Forge pretty much useless. What is causing this ? and how can I fix it? Love My Sound Forge but it seems so finicky when your trying to select a good audio device....Now if I'm not mistaken.. I read somewhere long ago that there was an 'old' fix to this with an older driver....... does anyone know anything more?


SP. wrote on 5/16/2024, 7:37 PM

@DeeB2025 Is your interface compatible with Windows 10? Is there a current ASIO driver available for it?

Have you tried the trial version of SF18? Does it make a difference?

Regarding the old fix, I could only find the information to use another driver, maybe ASIO4ALL.

rraud wrote on 5/18/2024, 10:16 AM

The only 'setting' I can think of that would 'hide' the cursor would be in the "Show the position of the playback cursor" in 'Options> Preferences> General'. Otherwise I do not recall encountering the 'cursor' issue in any version.