'Play solo' in piano roll produces no sound - Music Maker 2019

Nickillus wrote on 9/17/2018, 11:05 AM

This is just a refinement/addition to the various posts about the issues with midi in the latest iteration of Music Maker. I work predominantly with midi instruments/vst plugins, using the piano roll (matrix editor) to write and audition parts. The spontaneous playing of other instruments' midi information is already well documented here, and persists with my set up as well. While that is unpredictable and random, I have noticed that I have been totally unable to use the function to audition 'solo' within the piano roll. There is no sound despite the marker moving to indicate play. Pressing 'play' to audition all sounds does work.

Apologies if this has already been noted.

Windows 7 Pro on an i-5 desktop with 32 gig DDR3 RAM. ASIO - Magix Low Latency 2016 driver (also tried Magix low latency 2011 and ASIO4All v2)


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