ralftaro wrote on 11/11/2011, 10:35 AM

Before you post in the forum:

  • Check the Help and the PDF manual. If the Search facility in those does not give any relevant hits, try alternative keywords. For example 'join' doesn't give a result, but 'group' does.
  • Use the search function! Browse previous questions. You may find the answer to your question there. Often your question has already been asked and answered at least once!

A few tips on posting in the forum:

Please put the following information in your profile signature so we do not have to ask for it:

  • Computer specification - processor make/model, graphics card or chipset make/model, audio card or chipset make/model, RAM,  hard drive configuration and sizes?
  • Windows version and is it up to date?  Press and hold down the Windows key and the R key - in the dialog that opens type in winver and press enter.
  • Software full name and version number - as found under Help, About . . .

Also when posting please include the following where applicable:

  • In general, provide as much detail as you can (What have you done? What are the results?)
  • If your description is not likely to be obvious, attach screenshots
  • Audio and/or video file formats being imported
  • Export format and settings used
  • MediaInfo data on audio or video - see below

If you have issues with importing audio or video please use MediaInfo to analyse a problem clip and post the results from the Text view in MediaInfo

Also add any other information you think may be relevant.

Learning the software and other useful resources

If you are new to the software, please read the PDF manual available under Help in the program.
Depending on the line of Magix products you are using see the Tutorials section of this forum or the Vegas software forum, there are many articles/videos relating to using Magix software in the Magix magazine and Vegas magazine which have useful tips, tricks and how to's.

If you want to post examples of your work with a Magix program, there is a separate section of the Magix forum - click the Media option at the top of the page.

The Community rules are to be found using the link at the bottom of the page.

This is a user-to-user community. Posts are normally not answered by Magix staff but by volunteers in their own time. You are much more likely to get a reply if you follow the steps above before you post. Thanks for your attention!