Please help me with this issue with the "Song Maker"

Dinity wrote on 6/29/2020, 9:22 AM

So I'd like to just create random'ish (generated by the software) tracks in this case of specific soundpools without uniquely picking all the loops and setting them manually to bars and patterns by myself so when I use the "Song Maker" in effects and choose the soundpool and the instruments, even if I choose to "generate automatically" the beat is always the same and the system is the same or at least it sounds veeeery much like all the previous generates and this is not an insult stating that they all sound the same but what I mean here is that it doesn't generate different songs for me. Instead, it uses the same loops of the chosen instruments in all of the generated songs and doesn't make songs that differ a lot from each other. How can I generate more unique songs with the song maker?


Dinity wrote on 6/29/2020, 9:32 AM

So I'm a new user and I'm using the up-to-date Music Maker Steam Edition and I bought some soundpools but this is what happens.

When I logged into this forum system I got a change to create my first post and I'd really like to have a proper answer to this since this is important to my in this case. I promise that in the future I will search for topics about my inquiries first but now that I searched the forum about "song maker", nothing specific could be found about this. Also when I Google/search YouTube for "Magix Song Maker" or "Music Maker Steam Edition Song Maker" (I'm using the Steam edition), there are no YouTube tutorials to be found nor any other tutorials about this. Sure I know how to use patterns and loops and so on but this is my problem here.


Dinity wrote on 6/29/2020, 9:43 AM

I am so very sorry, I found the info I need from the manual online. No need to answer. Thank You.

Dinity wrote on 6/29/2020, 9:44 AM

Lesson learned: always read the manual if you know how before asking "stupid questions".