T.W. wrote on 8/6/2018, 1:36 AM

we are lokking into this issue right now.

jko wrote on 8/6/2018, 7:22 AM

Please FIX the bug in 12.1 that keeps the app from remembering all the preferences!

Hi, I found a workaround to deal with the lost preferences problem (Win 10, 64bit). Simply open "Regedit" and navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Software, Magix, SOUND FORGE Pro. Then erase folder "12.1" and rename folder "12.0" to "12.1".

This worked for me very well. Program prefs, VST, toolbar etc. are back!! good luck! jko

jko wrote on 8/9/2018, 4:22 AM

Please find a batch file below for copying your registry keys automatically to version 12.1:

CyberBeat wrote on 8/9/2018, 7:31 PM

SCS had a Preset Manager utility that let you save all your custom presets to a file. Then they could be restored from that file to the system. Could this program be updated for SF Pro 12 and include other program settings as well as effects presets?

jko wrote on 8/13/2018, 2:52 AM

We know about the Preset Manager software and set priority for a more elegant fix. Meanwhile please use the batch file, thanks.

t-scott wrote on 11/10/2019, 8:16 PM

Well, here we are fifteen months later and as far as I know SFAS still has the same bug: each time I close it it forgets the audio settings. So each time I open it I have to re-set them.

If I'm missing some upgrade or patch or other fix I would love to hear it.