Problem in importing videos

antti-hynn wrote on 5/15/2017, 1:58 AM

I have Magix Easy Rescue Your Videotapes!
Premium, Version 5.03.11 (UDTP). I have Windows 10 Home and 16 GB RAM. When I
import videotapes (Video 8, video recorder Blaupunkt CR-8000) sometimes
everything goes well. However, sometimes (in fact, quite often) everything only
seems to go well. The import process seems to go to the very end of the tape,
but when I start to finish the movie and save it on computer I find out that
only a small portion of the tape has been imported. If I repeat the process,
the same happens again at the same point of the tape.


emmrecs wrote on 5/15/2017, 4:01 AM

Hi, welcome to the Magix forums.

From your description of your problems, especially the fact that repeating an attempted import that has previously failed leads to the error repeating at the same point, I think the problem is caused by something which I see quite often when attempting the same procedure, though with MEP or VPX. (I don't have Easy Rescue Your Videotapes but the basic technology involved here is the same).

The digitisation of analogue video requires the incoming data stream to be continuous; frequently, because of the way the original tape was created (especially if that tape is a compilation from other tapes), the data stream becomes disrupted (essentially a sync pulse, needed by the software, "stops", however briefly) so the import capture stops. The tape continues to "play" but nothing further is recorded!

If this is the cause you have to find a method of stabilising the data stream so that the import sees a non-stop sync pulse. This means the purchase of an external TBC (Time Base Corrector, not cheap!); I'm assuming your Blaupunkt does not have one built-in, some video players do. You might like to check its manual.

A TBC, if you buy one, would sit between the video player and the input to your computer. It receives the audio and video from your player and checks and, if necessary corrects, the sync pulses to keep them continuous and so make the import not fail.



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