problem perviewing with spectralayers pro 5

navasgejza wrote on 12/10/2019, 12:19 PM

Hi everyone!

I've been using spectralayers 4 for years and wanted to change to version 5. My probleme with it that I cant use review toggle normaly as I could use it at the version 4 and earlier releases. Example: I use harmonix selection tool, I move the mouse cursor to the point where I'd like to preview or extract harmonics. It works well untill this point. After I preview with Tab button then I select harmonics with add to selection, everything changes. I explain it: If I'd like to do the same with other part on the time line, when I push Tab button, instead of previewing this selection it starts previewing the one I "add to selection" already. In spectralayers 4 the cursor jups to the new point at once where I point the mouse cursor after I push the tab button on my keyboard and starts previewing that small part. It's terribe, and makes the program unusable. If anybody has the same experience with it and found the solution for this problem, please help me in it. This problem is exactly same with the steinberg spectralayers pro 6 too. Thank you, greetings, Géza.


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