Problem with activation code after buying upgrade with another email.

Former user wrote on 12/4/2023, 11:21 AM

Well most of it is already said. I bought the MUSIC MAKER 2024 Ultimate, but did it with the email of a friend of mine because i didnt have access to mine at the time. A couple of days later he forwarded the email sent by the company and i downloaded everything and did my sigh-in. Everything proceeded casually until i tried activating the code. "This serial number has already been used by another user." I know im using the right code and im 100% sure that my friend hasn't activated the code in my stead. Any info would be great help.


emmrecs wrote on 12/4/2023, 1:23 PM

@Former user

Welcome to the Magix user to user forums.

Registration of purchased Magix software is automatically linked to the email used to purchase it. Hence, the error message because you are using the "wrong" email address, your own rather than your friend's.

The only solution to this is to ask your friend to log into his/her Magix account, go to User data, and change the registered email address from his/hers to yours.

If he/she cannot log into that account you will need him/her to email, explain what has happened and ask that the currently-registered email address (his/hers) be changed to yours.

Once that change has been made you should be able to fully register and activate your new MM 2024.


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Former user wrote on 12/4/2023, 4:23 PM


All seemed to have been going well. We did everything as should be until i input my email. It was going on about how that email is already being used or something. I dont see how that would be a problem to linking the purchase to it but it is what it is. A bit of a stalemate. imma try and terminate my account and create it again. Thanks for writing! Helped me greatly!

SP. wrote on 12/4/2023, 5:09 PM

Terminating your forum user account won't help you.

Your customer accounts at can only be deleted or merged by the Magix customer support at You need to contact them and ask for assistance.