problems with my Activation Key

Brian-Tully wrote on 4/28/2024, 7:53 AM

Hi my name is Brian Tully lm emailing you about my

Acid Pro 11Suite lv updated my Windows 10 Pc and need

to reinstall this program using the lnformation in my email from you

lm sending you a copy of this lnformation to see is there a problem with this Activation key l would Appreciate if you could email me an update please Thanks kind Regards Brian.

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Jul 9, 2022, 11:10 PM

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Thank you for your order.

Your order number is:  Removed by Moderator

All the necessary information about your order is provided in
this e-mail. Your electronic invoice will be sent to you as a pdf
by e-mail within the next 3 business days.
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ACID Pro 11 Suite

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SP. wrote on 4/28/2024, 8:02 AM

@Brian-Tully Please edit your post and remove all private data. This is a public user forum and we are all users like you. Magix support isn't active here

But we can give you suggestions what you can do, if you tell us the error message.

Brian-Tully wrote on 4/28/2024, 12:57 PM

Hi Brian here lv updated my windows 10 PC l need to reinstall my Acid Pro 11 lv installed the software but lm having a problem with my activation key l need some help with this issue or can you send me a new activation key thanks kind regards Brian.

SP. wrote on 4/28/2024, 1:03 PM

@Brian-Tully What's the exact problem? You likely see a specific error message. We need to know that.

PATIENT-X wrote on 4/28/2024, 1:16 PM


Hello welcome 

As @SP. has stated this is a user to user forum, there are no Magix employees present here to help you.
We cannot send you an activation key as we are just users like yourself who may find a solution for you, respond to @SP. of what your error message is? 

If no solution is achievable you can contact Magix at for further assistance.


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