Problems with saving mp3-file in x64 (Sound Forge Pro 14 build 130)

lorne-d wrote on 12/22/2020, 4:02 AM

Hey guys,

I have a problem wit saving a wav-fle of 1min. to mp3 320kbps in x64 bit. It takes 5min.

When i do this in x86 version, it takes me about 10 sec...???

I had this problem with earlier versions of sound forge pro and with my "older pc".

Now with my new pc with 16gb ram and i-core 5...I still have this problem.

I have checked out the page of komiel :

and tryed to fix manually but it still stays the same either i can not download the

Chortkeh Fraunhofer IIS MPEG Layer-3 Codec Fix for Windows 10...

Why is the x86 version of sound forge faster then the x64!?

This is not logic :(

Has anyone a solution because i want to run everything in x64 bit.


Thanks in advance, hopening on respons and a solution,


Lorne :)