Problems with Tempo Recognition tool when importing samples

Jaidan-Collins wrote on 2/10/2024, 11:35 PM
Specific to Magix Music Maker 2024. Ver. So I'm fairly new to the forum but I've been using Music maker as kind of a hobby on and off. Recently I've run into trouble with the Tempo Recognition wizard whenever I import a short sample. The primary problem I've run into is the setting where it asks you to tap to set the BPM. I've tried consistently tapping (in this case, the BPM of the work was roughly 150bpm). However, it constantly falls back to the pre-set options on the list and none of them are correct in this case. This has effectively rendered me unable to import samples into the program without it sounding janky or unpolished. As a side, I find that the metronome absolutely insists on unmuting itself whenever I mute it and play the sample in the wizard again. I try to keep it muted so I can focus on tapping to set the BPM. Any tips for getting past this? I feel that I need to set the BPM otherwise it doesn't play well with the instruments or loops I import.


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