Problems with the 16.1.2 update (saving issue, instability)

Matthew-Cox wrote on 11/12/2022, 6:57 PM

Hello! I'm using Windows 11. I purchased Soundforge 16 in July 2022 (whatever specific version was available then) and then I just updated to 16.1.2 last night.

I never had any crashes or issues until after the update to 16.1.2. Just today I've had file save errors (something about "this file cannot be accessed because it doesn't exist") six different times, three different files. It did successfully save, though...

However, I just had a lock up while repeatedly previewing a graphic fade.

I never had issues like this prior. This is using 32bit Floating Point WAVs if that makes any difference.


I would like to return to the prior version if possible, but I discovered I never got an executable for Sound Forge -- just the installation manager... And the installation manager will only allow me access to 16.1.2.

I really need that prior version! Could support give me access, somehow, to the previous installer?

Thank you.


SP. wrote on 11/12/2022, 7:30 PM

@Matthew-Cox Yes, I think customer support at should be able to send you a direct download link of the previous patch. But then you probably also need to uninstall and reinstall the software. So you could also ask for an complete installer of the earlier version.

Matthew-Cox wrote on 11/12/2022, 7:45 PM

Thank you SP. I read some of the other replies here and I took the advice to "reset all preferences and cached data." Hopefully that will help. Otherwise I will take your advice and reach other to them via that email. (The website directed me here when I tried to find that.)

rraud wrote on 11/13/2022, 10:09 AM

Welcome to the Magix Sound Forge users community @Matthew-Cox.

If you would like the return to an earlier version of SFP-16, the unpacked installer may still be in your "C:\Users\-user name-\Documents\MAGIX Downloads" folder. Otherwise, I can send a link to download the SFP-16.0, build 79 unpacked installer. Build 79 was prior to 16.1, where many of the issues initially occurred.

Shawn-Rogers wrote on 11/28/2023, 11:28 AM

I have been using this software since 5 and this is the first virsion (15) that seems to be very unstable. I moved from 10 to 15. I was supposed to get 16 as an update but Magix wiggled their way out of providing it. It hanges when saving and when it does an effects process it does not bypass the effects after the save. It just does weird things. 10 Was much more stable and functioned more intuitively. Is 17 any better, 15 is not the Sound Forge I remember?

SP. wrote on 11/28/2023, 2:00 PM

@Shawn-Rogers SF16 and SF17 have a new VST integration, which is buggy. I wouldn't recommend to upgrade. I'm still using SF15 because of this. I have no big problems besides the untitled presets bug.

rraud wrote on 11/28/2023, 3:33 PM

I was supposed to get 16 as an update but Magix wiggled their way out of providing it.

@Shawn-Rogers, Magix is very accommodating. I highly doubt they 'wiggled their way out of it ' intentionally, Did you contact Magix?

Is 17 any better than 15

I do not particularly like SF16 or 17, mostly due to the severe display issue with third-party 32 bit VST-2 plug-ins. I do not like the 'new' cluttered plug-in manager in 16/17 either, The deep-thinkers at Magix also removed the nice easy to read legacy dBFS peak meter with one that cannot be resized below a certain point and only shows multiple combos of scales (VU, IEC. PPM, LK, LU, ect., ect). I currently use SF-15 for most projects, But that is for my workflow and opinion. Download the SF-17 trial version and try it out yo'self.