Producer Planet vs Catooh

peterkbartholomew wrote on 1/18/2020, 8:43 AM

I have just had my first look at Producer Planet and I cannot find the individual instrument loops, for instance if I needed a particular sound for my track I could go to Catooh and search for 125bpm 2 for example and select bass, guitar, pad etc and check out the sounds available for something suitable. How can I find this on Producer Planet?


johnebaker wrote on 1/18/2020, 9:33 AM



The Producer Planet search function is more generic than that of Catooh, taking one of your examples, in the Audio section search for 'Bass' this will then bring up various categories from which you can refine the search.

An alternative example select Audio, Loops and Samples, select Genres and then further refine the search.


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peterkbartholomew wrote on 2/14/2020, 2:39 PM

Yes, thank you John, unfortunately Producer Planet is pretty much useless to me as I just require some individual samples at certain pitches at 80 BPM to finish my project, these were available to listen to and buy on Catooh but not on PP. There are no longer any individual samples and there is no way of telling whether the samples available in the soundpools on PP are suitable or not as there is no way of listening to them individually. Buying the Magix soundpools on PP would be a big waste of money as I have already have many hundreds of those samples and would be probably be buying them all over again just in the hope of maybe finding one or two good new sounds.