program compatibility/soundpools not working

stevojamie wrote on 10/6/2010, 10:45 AM

hello all,i downloaded music maker 16 trial version and at 1st was very impressed with it and it worked for a good 30mins without any problems. THEN....all of a sudden the pre installed soundpools stopped working???? a message popped up saying unable to open or it dosent exist?? they are the soundpools that came with the trial??? it worked ok for a while and could hear all the samples!! it installed fine loads up fine and graphics ok, now im a real newbie in terms of computers but i have a sony vaio vgn-nw20ef with a on-board sound card i think! like pre-built. but i read somewhere u need a 16bit sound card and wondering if thats the problem?? or something else?? please please someone help because i really like the program and want to buy it.

i have installed it 3 times and it happens everytime and each time i do it theres duolicate soundpools that dont work at all????? argghhhhhhhhhhhhhh :(


nihon94 wrote on 10/6/2010, 11:29 AM



There is nothing wrong with your computer, some times it happen.

I hope in trial version there isn't any restrictions how many times you can use?


In case of file missing, deleted, moved etc you can do one thing read this pdf



Soundpool problem and solution faq for MMM 16 Premium


In your case I will suggest, delete your browser cookies, history turn off computer and re start after few minutes.

Open Magix Music Maker and use, if you still face problem try method in above Pdf and see.

I will say, unless you are satisfied with this trial version do not buy. If you face problem ask question here. Also send email to Magix support if you like.

Here we user like you only share our experience and help each other.

If you really love music the Music Maker 16 Premium is the good one got more feature than Music Maker 16, if you are professional then there are other products too.

But that depends on your budget.


Thank you