Program doesn't work after new download, no support number or email

Perito-Dos wrote on 10/2/2020, 12:10 PM

I have Sound Forge 12 Pro.  Initially, I tried to save a file to my hard drive and I received this error message: "An error occurred while creating the media file.  There is no license for this software."

I uninstalled the software using instructions from the website.  I logged into my account and downloaded my program.  After download, and when I tried to install, I received this message:

"Magix Installation Manager

An error occurred during communication. You may not have an Internet connection. Please check the following requirements for a correct connection.

- Check if your Internet connection is correct (modem, network cable ...).

- Check the settings of your Internet connection in the control panel (network connections).

- Make sure, with the help of your network administrator or Internet provider, that the current configuration is correct."

I have already done all this. I have disabled firewalls, virus protection, tried from various networks, all to no avail.

I need to have the program to work, but after hours working on this... it doesn't.


rraud wrote on 10/4/2020, 11:37 AM

Are you stating, Pro-12 will not install .. or it installs and cannot be activated?

in any case. below is a link to a post where you can download the binary installer for Pro-12.1 .
There are installers for 32 and 64 (bit), the suite version or the SF 365 (subscription) if that is what you originally purchased

The Magix download center has the 'download managers' and not the actual installation files as you're probably aware,