PURCHASING cant even talk to a sales person on the phone

jdd wrote on 3/19/2020, 5:23 PM

I was about to buy my 4th or 5th purchase of magix and after reading CUSTOMERS posts that you are no longer able to call in for support like you could years ago, I will be finding another software that does have support. Even tried the number from one of the first versions of magix I purchased magix11... 1-305-642-6300 (don't bother trying it is disconnected) Developers and company's like microsoft have taken advantage of the way you not longer buy a program you are not put on the hook for the rest of your life. Yeah you get the updates/upgrades but for the most part you would get by with the version you purchase for years. Eliminating customer service is even more of a poke in the eye and just another way to screw over the people that support you. Having supported you over the years, it is unfortunate because it is the software I am familiar with.

The only way business will again respect and care about customers is to let them know how important we are and STOP PURCHASING PRODUCTS THAT CANT SUPPORT THEM. PERIOD! I don't care how much I would like to have Magix without support your just telling me your product sucks or those running your company are only concerned about one thing and that is not the consumer. I'd rather pay extra and support the companies that have on the spot call in support, even though chances are you wont need it.

I can tell by the posts that it wont be long and you know as well as I........ Soon instead of customers waiting for the help they need you'll be waiting for the customers you need.



La-Goodwin wrote on 3/19/2020, 7:20 PM

Ya, I am super unimpressed right now too. I have paid for the Xara Pro 365 and now, they have come up with an update that they appear to want me to pay for again - WTH? The idea of 365 was that updates were covered with your subscription but it appears to me that they want both- payment for updates and payments for a subscription... I will not be purchasing the update. I will not be renewing the subscription. I am done with Xara unless they get their poop back into some kind of cohesive group... this is stoopid.